Lethal Beauty Audioboook


Lethal Beauty

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: April Henry, Lis Wiehl

Narrated By: Ashley Laurence

Publisher: Oasis Audio

Release Date: March 2015

Length: 8 hours 19 minutes

Publisher’s Summary:

It should have been an open and shut murder case, but Mia Quinn finds out that nothing about it is simple.

After a young Chinese prostitute is stabbed to death by her rich American client, the tabloids dub Dandan Yee “Lethal Beauty” – despite the fact that she was the one who ended up dead. Yet even with double standards and naked prejudice working against her, Seattle prosecutor Mia Quinn is determined to get justice for Dandan Yee.

But when a key witness goes missing and an unsavory juror shuts down deliberations without explanation, Mia fears the trial – and the law – are being tampered with.

A constellation of fresh killings has Mia and homicide detective Charlie Carlson searching for a common source, and puts Mia’s family in the crosshairs of a Chinese crime cabal. Meanwhile, Dandan Yee’s mother has opted to take matters into her own hands . . . and the stakes get more lethal overnight.

In the midst of all this, Mia has to contend with a fifteen-year-old son who is growing up too fast for his own good, and the idea that Charlie might want to be more than just friends. Can Mia and Charlie stop the murders and still keep her family safe? Or is the very act of seeking justice enough to cost her everything – and everyone – she loves?

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